How Much Does It Cost for SEO Services in Canada?

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Are you looking to hire SEO experts in Canada to manage your SEO services? Probably, this is why you are searching for how much does SEO cost in Canada?

Well, then you have just landed up on the right page. In this post, we’ll break down how much does it cost for SEO services in Canada?

In general, you can expect to spend between $50 to $200 for hourly and $700 up to $30,000 for monthly and project-based SEO services. However, there are many factors involved in determining the cost, for example, the SEO agency itself, business niche, competition, business goals, project duration, and other aspects.

So, to know in detail, let’s get started.

How Much Does It Cost For SEO Services In Canada?

How Much Does It Cost for SEO Services in Canada - the ultimate guide

When it comes to SEO agencies, SEO experts or Freelancers usually offer their services in 4 common packages. For example,

  1. Hourly Consultation or Service
  2. Monthly Retainer
  3. Project-Based
  4. Contractual Service

So, how much does it cost for SEO services in Canada for all these services? Let’s dive deep into the details-

1. Per Hour Service

Hourly SEO can be a one-hour consultation or if you need a specific task to be completed. If you are a startup business owner and have a tight budget or have a specific deadline to launch a project or website, then hourly SEO will be the better option for you.

The hourly consultation cost ranges between $50 to $200 in Canada, and maximum SEO professionals charge $150 for an hour of consultation with the clients.

The amount may seem too much in terms of an hour, but one thing you need to keep in mind is that you are paying for all the years of training and the advice, not just for the one hour of their time.

The more experienced the SEO agency is, the higher the rate. This means the skill set and experience of the company will determine the ultimate pricing of the per-hour SEO. The hourly service is more popular among freelancers and maximum larger agencies often avoid this pricing model.

2. Monthly Projects

Monthly SEO involves the services of an ongoing or more complex SEO campaign. It lets you know exactly what services will be provided to you at what cost, in what time frame, and in what manner. As SEO is an ongoing process, this pricing model is considered the most popular and successful campaign.

However, in Canada, the monthly SEO pricing will range between $500 to $5,000.

Established agencies use this pricing plan that typically includes SEO audit, keyword research, content creation and optimization, on-page and off-page optimization, technical SEO optimization, local SEO optimization, website maintenance, and others.

Thus, depending on the business need, the expense will vary.

3. Project-Based

If you are looking for a one-off service instead of an ongoing process, then the project-based SEO service is there for you. This model is also a good option for those who can’t afford ongoing SEO.

survey by MOZ stated that 70.1% of respondents offer project-based pricing to their clients. This plan ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $30,000 CAD. The in-house SEO team prefers such a pricing model when they have got a tight deadline or require a skill set that they don’t have.

4. Contract-Based

In contract-based services, there is a start and end date. So if you are unsure about committing to the ongoing monthly services, you can opt for this option.

Here, you will choose the specific service you want, and then the SEO agency will provide you with a quote. The cost solely depends on the service you choose. And you can expect to pay something between $5000 to $30,000 per contract.

So, for your convenience, here we are providing the chart of the average SEO Rates in Canada-

SEO Pricing Model SEO Cost
Per Hour $50 – $200 / hour
Per month $500 – $5,000 / month
Per Project $1000 – $30,000 / project
Contractual Services $5000 – $30,000 / contract

Do The Costs Vary Between Different SEO Service Providers?

Yes, definitely. Every website has its own service processes and packages with different price tags.

However, the most common SEO service providers are SEO agencies, Freelancers, and consultancies. Ahrefs conducted a survey on 357 respondents to see how the cost differs between all these SEO service providers.

Now, let’s find out how these service providers charge per hour, monthly, and project-based SEO services. So, here are the average SEO rates of SEO agencies, Consultancies, and freelancers.

  Per Hour Per Month Per Project
Agencies $134.66/hour $2,819.87/month $5,222.06
Consultancies $122.33/hour $1,906.48/month $4,481.94
Freelancers $68/hour $1,364/month $1,530.85

Factors that Affect the Cost of SEO Packages

When it comes to fixing the SEO cost, there are so many factors that go into consideration. And after reading this guide so far, a question may come to your mind, and that is, exactly why the SEO rates of service providers are different?

Factors that Affect the Cost of SEO Packages

Actually, there are so many factors that can play a major role in how much you end up paying for SEO agencies. So, let’s have a look at these factors.

1. SEO Company Size

Generally, larger companies charge higher than smaller companies or freelancers. The reason behind this is that they have experts in all SEO fields who have years of experience in serving different businesses with SEO. Additionally, larger companies use more resources and premium tools and techniques to implement SEO.

2. Year of Experience

An SEO company that has years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the latest trends and techniques can ensure a better result than any other. In that case, they will generally charge higher than the other SEO experts.

As you can see, companies that have more than 2 to 4 years of experience charge more than $2,500 for SEO services.

3. Geographic Location

The geographic location of a business plays a significant role in its SEO cost. If your business is in large metropolitan areas, you may need to pay more for SEO services than those who are in rural areas. The reason behind this is the competition is much higher for SEO in big cities.

For example, Vancouver, Canada, has the largest number of SEO agencies, as well as more high-profile clients. So the cost of SEO here is a bit higher than in other cities like Ottawa, Halifax, Edmonton, etc.

4. Website Condition and Size

If your website has a lot of design and technical flaws, then instead of promoting a broken website, all companies need to improve your website first, which will increase the cost.

On the other hand, when it comes to SEO, size does matter. If your website is large and consists of a lot of pages, the SEO optimization will also be complex. In that case, you may need to pay a larger amount than the small website owners.

5. Industry and Keyword Competition

Your industry or business niche and the market competition is one of the most critical factors in SEO costs. With more competition, you need to run a more aggressive SEO campaign, and also, the more competitive the keyword, the higher the cost will be.

6. Customization Level of The Project

It’s a fact that the more complex your website, the more customization it will require, and thus, your project will naturally cost more. In the same way, if your website is large and has a complex structure, it will require more coding, design, and development, which can also be expensive.

7. Project Duration

The project duration has a direct impact on your SEO cost. If you want to get the work done earlier, you may need to pay for the additional working hours.

8. Tools and Software

There are 200+ranking factors, and when it comes to optimizing your website with all these SEO factors, you definitely need the help of some SEO tools and software programs. And frankly speaking, if you want accurate and effective results, you must pay a bit higher for the tools.

Actually, you will find SEO agencies with a mixture of low, middle, and higher costs. But, it is recommended to avoid the cheapest ones. In fact, you need to understand that the more experienced companies you work with, the better service you will get from them.

And you have to pay a little more for the better service. Because working with a cheap company will ultimately be nothing more than damaging your website over time.

Wrap Up

If you want to run an online business, search engine optimization is something that you can never skip. Though it is not a cheap investment, still, its demand keeps increasing among all the business owners.

You may need to pay anywhere between hundreds to thousands of dollars, based on the package and service you take. SEO should not be considered an expense; rather, you should consider it as an investment.

However, remember, you will get what you pay. Also, make sure to work with the best and right SEO agency for your business to get the optimum result. Good SEO optimization through a good agency will provide you with an excellent ROI.

So, here we are wrapping this guide up. We hope now you get exactly how much does it cost for SEO services in Canada.

Giant Marketers Inc. is one of the fastest-growing SEO & Digital Marketing Agency In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With a team of 50 individuals, we provide SEO, Web Design & Development, Online Business Consultancy for those who are looking for quality Services & support. We've helped many individuals; small & large business owners take their Business growth to the next level.

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