Why Is An SEO-Friendly Website Important For Business?

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When it comes to SEO, the first thing that comes to our mind is ranking our web pages through on-page and off-page optimization.

Most business owners, especially newcomers, don’t immediately think about developing an SEO-friendly website. In fact, some find it really hard to understand exactly why is an SEO-friendly website important for business?

Its simple, SEO-friendly websites are fully accessible and indexable by search engines. In fact, it is essential to have an SEO-friendly website to make it user-friendly, rank higher in the SERP, boost online visibility, and reach more and more organic traffic.

What Is An SEO-Friendly Website?

Before stepping into why is SEO-friendly web design important, let us go through what is an SEO-friendly website?

What Is An SEO-Friendly Website - everything you need to know

SEO-Friendly web design makes your website technically sound, faster to use and navigate, and search-focused. It is a practice of developing websites that are easily crawlable and indexable by search engines. Simply put, this process makes it easier for search engines to crawl your entire website and understand the structure and content.

Once crawling your site, search engines like Google serve the most relevant web pages to their potential users by indexing the pages efficiently.

In general, SEO-friendly web design focuses on optimizing content, keyword, link structure, page speed, responsive layout, and all the other factors that make your website user-friendly.

Why Is An SEO-Friendly Website Important For Business?

With the number of growing internet users, it becomes crucial for all website owners to have a solid online presence. Google stated that “we use page experience signals to measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page and contribute to our ongoing work to ensure people get the most helpful and enjoyable experiences from the web.”

Why Is An SEO-Friendly Website Important For Business

This means that if you want your website to comply with Google’s Core Web Vitals and ensure optimum user experience, you must consider developing an SEO-friendly website.

Not just these, there are many more to explore. So, let’s see the other reasons why is an SEO-friendly website important for business.

1. Increasing Monthly Organic Traffic

How do you feel when you see that your webpage does not appear on the SERP, when your user searches for something related to your service or product? This is exactly why you need an SEO-friendly website to make your website or pages visible to your potential customers with all relevant searches.

It doesn’t matter what your business type and size are; getting organic traffic is an essential factor for all websites. And nobody wants to miss out on their potential customers.

And SEO-friendly websites play a vital role in giving you an edge over the competitors and pushing your website to rank up on the Google SERP. This ultimately results in generating more traffic to your site each month, which matters more to your business.

2. Provides A Seamless User Experience

Optimizing your website with all the best SEO practices aims to improve the user experience. If your website is not convenient to navigate and scroll through, users will abandon it and look out for another website.

On the other side, an SEO-friendly website ensures making it easier for the users to use your website and enhance their journey. A well-crafted and beautiful website can significantly appeal to your visitors and increase leads and sales, and even make them your repeat customer.

Therefore, you must provide a seamless and attractive user interface for your customers. Remember, with a good web design; you can have a lasting impression of your brand to the customers.

3. Get Your Business The Right Attention

Getting monthly organic traffic is one thing, but reaching the potential ones is what everyone is looking for.

SEO-friendly website design improves search engine ranking position, and this way, when your potential customers search for something relevant to your business, your web page will appear on the result page. That means your business will get more chances to attract the right people who are likely to become your customer and get services from you.

Additionally, SEO-friendly web design leaves your visitor with a positive lasting impression about your business and helps you to deliver an exceptional experience that influences your customer’s decision.

4. Improves Your Brand Credibility

Before we talk about this, tell us, how many times have you visited the second page of Google results? We think very few times. In fact, there are people who have never visited the second result page of Google.

The fact is, people are more likely to trust websites or pages which appear on the first page of the search engines. Proof of this statement is that while 70% of traffic goes to organic search, only 30% goes to paid search.

In that case, a well-organized SEO-friendly website can ensure getting a higher ranking in the SERP and gives more brand awareness and credibility to the visitors. This means more people will recognize your brand and are more likely to choose you when it comes to converting.

5. Optimize For Conversion

When people find your website with all the relevant queries, they will start to trust your brand more than before. But just attracting and keeping engaging the people to your site is not enough. Your ultimate focus should be on making your visitors your potential lead.

In this case, you must keep your web design in such a way that can guide your visitors through your website’s internal links. It helps them take the desired action without any hassle. And this is one of the most significant factors that help in improving the conversion rate.

6. Improves Your Online Reputation

As per statistics, 89% (9 out of 10) of consumers prefer reading reviews before purchasing any products or services. In that case, a bad online reputation may lead your business to lose all these potential customers.

When so many people are checking for reviews, you need to make some effort to deliver the best possible experience and create a greater impression on your visitors.

And an SEO-friendly website can tailor your website to target your audience’s needs, so visitors can easily accomplish what they are looking for, keep them engaged, and may make them return customers. When you are able to offer a good impression to your customer, it will work to enhance your reputation in the market.

7. Improves The Page Loading Speed

Website speed is a major ranking factor, and every additional second to load your site can cause you to lose potential visitors and increase the bounce rate. Visitors don’t like to wait too long to get what they are looking for; rather they will immediately jump to another website.

As per statistics, a 2 seconds delay in loading will lead 12% of people to abandon your webpage. If it delays 4 seconds to load, you may lose 25% of your visitors. This means if you want to engage your website visitors, you must make your website fast.

And your website can accomplish this by having an SEO-friendly and responsive web design.

8. Make Your Website Responsive

A website that is responsive is able to get more traffic than those sites which are not mobile-friendly.

Today, maximum users use mobile to search for any information, product, and services. In fact, according to studies, 63 percent of Google’s US organic search traffic originated from mobile devices. Another study found that 88% of consumers who are looking for a local business use mobile phones to conduct the search.

This means it’s crucial for your business to be on the top of the mobile search results with the help of an SEO-friendly website that is mobile-friendly and responsive to all device sizes. Otherwise, you may lose your mobile or tablet customers to your competitor.

9. More Social Media Attention

An SEO-friendly website does not only improve your website ranking, traffic, conversion, and brand awareness but also ensures visibility all over the digital world. In today’s digital era, you can’t deny the advantages of social media, in fact, social media popularity has its own usage and importance.

Social media platforms play an essential role in promoting your business to people of all ages. And with an SEO-optimized website, you can share your content or web page on different social media platforms.

10. A Cost-Effective Method That Keeps Paying Back

Yes, developing an SEO-friendly website will definitely cost you money. Still, compared to the other methods, building an SEO-friendly website is a cost-effective method. You can ensure a user-friendly interface just by controlling the internal processes, like content editing and CMS management.

Additionally, it is not a one-time process; it’s a long-term investment and a continuous process. If everything goes right, it will keep adding value to your site as long as you maintain it. With minimal monthly maintenance, you can not only improve your ranking but also be able to generate huge traffic to your site.

How To Create An SEO-Friendly Site?

To create an SEO-friendly website design, you need to keep certain factors in mind. Implementing all these factors is just the starting of your journey to develop an SEO-friendly website.

So, let’s find out what you should consider while creating an SEO-friendly website.

Use An Easy-To-Access Website Structure

Planning the website structure is essential to help the search engines as well as the users. With a well-organized and non-complex website structure, search engine crawlers will find it really easy to crawl and index all your web pages.

how to Create An SEO-Friendly Website Structure

On the other hand, it will help your users to navigate through your website conveniently and also helps them to spend more time on your site. So, from the SEO perspective, these are the key consideration to ensure an SEO-optimized web structure-

  • Keep all your important pages two or three clicks away from the home page.
  • Optimize your top-level category pages with your targeted keywords.
  • Place all the important pages properly in your web structure and link in the site navigation.

It’s better not to design something too complicated that users find it hard to understand. Therefore, keep all your web page designs straightforward.

Make The Site Indexable

To index your website in the SERP for relevant searches, search engine crawlers crawl your website. Thus, you need to optimize your website to help search engines so that crawlers can easily crawl and understand your website and index for all the relevant searches. To do so-

  • Create and submit your website sitemap,
  • Create a robots.txt file
  • Look out for the noindex value in the robot’s meta tag, if it includes it, then make sure the tags are not for the page you want to rank.

Have A Responsive Design

Google uses mobile-first indexing, which means google ranks content based on mobile versions of web pages. Thus, it is highly recommended to have a website that is responsive to all device sizes.

Make The Website Search Focused

If you are looking to get valuable traffic who are more likely to convert from organic search results, you must target your focused keywords throughout your website.

Create Compelling And Useful Content

One of the strongest ranking factors is content. Only useful and well-optimized content can capture the reader’s interest and keep them engaged.

So, while creating content make sure, it is focused on user intent, incorporates targeted and supportive keywords, easy to read, unique, well-optimized, aligned with EAT guidelines, and link-worthy.

Optimize Title, Meta Tags, And URLs

To ensure an SEO-friendly website, it is also essential to optimize your website’s title tag, meta tag, as well as URLs. In this case, you should-

  • Make the title and meta of each of your web pages compelling, relevant, eye-catching, unique, and accurate.
  • Use the target keyword in your title, meta, and URL.
  • Fit the title tag within 60 characters and meta 150 to 160 characters.
  • While writing a URL, keep it short but descriptive, and describe what your page is all about.

Focus On Readability

While creating an SEO-friendly website, don’t forget about focusing on your website’s overall appearance, especially the readability of your website. This helps your users to keep engaged and read all the information without making them feel bored.

Remember, your website design is the first thing that attracts the customers; still, the content remains the king. Only your content determines if the reader’s forest impression is positive or negative. So, make sure-

  • Choosing the right text size,
  • Pick the right font color that stands out with the background color.
  • Format your content using proper header tags.
  • Use bullet points, numbers, and headings.
  • Break the long paragraphs into smaller ones.

Internal Linking

Internal linking means using links from other relevant pages of the same website. This linking process creates a well-rounded map of your website for search engine crawlers.

Google used internal links to discover new pages and understand what the page is about. Also, this method helps in passing link equity between your pages. So you need to be careful while doing internal linking and follow the following best practices-

  • Use descriptive anchor text as an internal link
  • It should be relevant to your context.

Improve Page Loading Time

The loading speed of a website is one of the ranking factors and fundamentals of Core Web Vitals. No one wants to use a website that takes too much time to load, in fact, no one has the time to waste on your site.

So, to ensure a super fast website, you must audit your website to see the loading speed. Here you can use PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, or Pingdom.

All these tools will show your website’s current speed performance with all the recommendations you should work on to make the speed better. Then, all you need is to follow the recommendations and optimize your website in accordance to improve speed and performance.

Make Sure Your Website Is Secure

In addition to offering useful content, Google also ensures that the website is secure. Not only search engines but also users prefer using a secure website.

how to Make Sure Your Website Is Secure

So, make sure your website is using HTTPS by getting an SSL certificate and adding it to your website.

Optimize Images

Images can impact your website’s user-friendliness and speed badly; thus, images require proper optimization before using them on your website. You can do this by following the below simple steps-

  • First, make sure the images you are using are relevant to your content and page.
  • All images should imply what your webpage is all about.
  • Compress the images using image compressor tools or plugins.
  • Use a descriptive image file name and alt text for all images.

So, these are the basics of an SEO-friendly website. Beginners and business owners who don’t have proper knowledge of SEO-friendly website design may find this really overwhelming to understand where to start the design and SEO project.

In this case, it is recommended to work with the best SEO agency to get a professional and SEO-friendly web design and development service.

Ready To Create An SEO-Friendly Website?

There is no point in having a website that does not have a good ranking position, and when with relevant search, potential customers can’t find it. Better, you should focus on turning your website into an asset rather than leaving it as a burden or liability.

In fact, a website is not only for publishing content; there’s many more to it.

So, make the most out of your website by choosing a top-notch SEO service agency and investing in building an SEO-friendly website. Websites that incorporate SEO-friendly web design can reach a wider customer base, get some valuable leads, and deliver the best ROI for a long time.

So, now you know why is an SEO-friendly website important for business. We hope, now, you will be able to take your business to a greater height.

Giant Marketers Inc. is one of the fastest-growing SEO & Digital Marketing Agency In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With a team of 50 individuals, we provide SEO, Web Design & Development, Online Business Consultancy for those who are looking for quality Services & support. We've helped many individuals; small & large business owners take their Business growth to the next level.

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