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A professional SEO, UI/UX, and customer-centric website design company to give your business a digital identity. With our website design and development service, get your website optimized for SEO and Users. Our innovative, creative, and effective website design helps you make your business a brand, grow, rank on search engines, and maximize revenue by engaging more and more customers.

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What is SEO-friendly design?

SEO-friendly website design is the practice of developing and designing websites that are fully accessible and indexable by search engines. When a search engine can crawl and identify your website content, only then you can expect to get a ranking in the SERP.

All in all, the website design and development process makes a website more search engine and user-friendly. Usually, SEO-optimized websites get more traffic than the others.

When it comes to building an SEO-friendly website, this requires careful planning and a structural approach to represent your business and service online. And this is where Giant Marketers Inc. comes in to make this happen.

Our Services

Whether you are considering upgrading your site or building a fully-fledged website, our web design and development services cover them all.

Why do you need an SEO-friendly website?

Simply put, as a website owner, you want your website to rank top and have a lasting impression on the users. You will also want your page to appear in front of your customers whenever they search for something relevant. And that’s exactly what an SEO-friendly website does.

It makes your website easy to crawl and index. This way, with any relevant queries, your audience finds your site, which adds value to them. SEO-Friendly Website makes your site attractive, easy to navigate, faster, mobile-friendly, and secure.

Additionally, a well-optimized and perfectly developed website is more likely to maximize your conversions, competitive edge, search ranking, digital marketing strategy, and traffic. As a result, you will see rapid growth, sales, and ROI over time.


There are 455M+ WordPress websites online.
Giant can make YOU stand out!

With over years in the industry, we know how to put a WordPress website in the spotlight Your association
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Why Work With Us For Your Next Development Project

We have a team of the best professional developers and experts with years of experience. We’ll transform your brand into a visual story to engage with your audience at a minimal cost.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to know more about our Website Design And Development service? Here are your most asked questions and our answers!

Everyone makes promises, but we
PROVE- Client Testimonial

While expertise gives you the best of WordPress and eCommerce, Stan Ventures gives you the best of rawness and expertise. For our clients, both the combinations!

So far, I am really satisfied with their professionalism and quality of service. It’s been fantastic working with this team of professionals, who get the job done as promised and deliver the results I’m looking for.

Eric Jones

I just love the fact that the entire process of Giant Marketers Inc. was really convenient and transparent as well. They maintain client privacy very well, which really amazed me. Looking forward to working again. Good luck!

David Smith

Giant Marketers Inc has been excellent to work with. The entire team helps my business to rank top and ensures tremendous growth with SEO and social media campaigns. Very responsive and great client support!

Samuel Thomson

The Most Important Factors To Create
An SEO-Friendly Website

It’s essential that your site is developed considering all the SEO factors. With the years of knowledge and expertise, we know what elements work the most to ensure an SEO-friendly website.

SEO-Friendly Website Architecture

Having an SEO-friendly website architecture is essential to ensure easy navigation for your search engine crawlers as well as users.

Modern Coding

Based on the latest web design knowledge we use the most up-to-date, advanced coding languages and systems to develop a site.

Optimized Speed

Website loading speed is one of the most important factors for every website. Thus, we make sure to optimize the site with the fastest loading speed.


Today, maximum internet users browse from mobile devices. Thus, we include mobile-friendly website optimization in our web design service.

Web Security

Website security is really crucial for the owner as well as the users. That’s why make sure all the online performance aspects of your site are secure and safe.

SEO Integration

To ensure smooth crawling and the fastest indexing in the SERP, our expert team optimize the website’s backend CMS for better SEO integration.

We Work With All Types of Websites

We have a record of designing and developing hundreds of websites in almost all types of industries successfully. If you want to plan your next project with us, you can see our previous work to get an idea.

Real Estate

Travel & Tourism

Fashion & Beauty

Home Decor



Health & Wellness


Our Website Design And Development Process

Our website development process is absolutely simple and straightforward, which ensures ultimate comfort for all our clients.

01. Discuss Your Requirements

First, we’ll set up a meeting to discuss your requirements regarding your website design and update.

02. Get a Proposal

Then we’ll appoint our expert developers and designers to create a proposed website design for you.

03. Web Development and Designing

We understand the pulse of your target audience and strategize the SEO campaign to align with their requirements.

04. Quality Assurance

Next, our expert team will check and ensure that the entire website performance has been optimized properly to go live.

05. Project Launch

Once completing the website design and ensuring that the site is fully ready to go online, we launch the site.

06. Feedback and fine tuning

Finally, we will have a discussion with you to get your feedback about the site and if you need any changes.

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